Photo4me Consumer Blog - May 2016.

Photo4me Consumer Blog

Spring is finally here, and no doubt you’re thinking about giving your home a bright new look ready for the sunny season.

Whether you are looking for guidance into new ideas, or you have your own that you just want to refine further: we have been bringing you all the latest in wall art trends to inspire you to maintain your interiors ‘a la mode’. So, let’s get a pair of scissors and some glue to start our mood boards!

Photography has been considered an art form for many years, as a result, interior designers will often choose to use photographs and wall art to aid their creative expression. During the early 20's, avant-garde artists started engaging with it for its association with technology and science- initially the reason it was disapproved of by many artisans, half of a century earlier.

This continuous link with technology, science and art has seen photography evolve throughout the years influenced by art movements, engaging a diversity of styles, materials and subjects on trend.

As you may have seen in our recent Style4You email newsletter series, It’s all about the 70's theme this season. Here we can delve deeper into the elements to be found within the 70’s trend, characterised by the variety of colours, shapes and materials that are hot right now.

We want you to feel inspired to experiment with these current state-of-the-art trends and get creative yourself as you choose a palette and materials for the look of each room.

One trend that hasn’t been referenced in our previous communications is the use of fabrics and texture. This theme has inspired some photographers to take pictures of fabrics or simply, textures that resemble woven materials, manipulating images to create abstract effects not possible using fabric alone.

The infographic mosaic below reflects the range of styles relevant in the broad 70’s concept and featuring a few photographers who have identified and adopted contemporary trends here at Photo4me.

Among these photographs we found funky, abstract and saturated images that can provide statement pieces for your interiors. Some of them combine complex textures, movement and reflection, creating retro and dynamic compositions.

We have also featured some photographs composed by the use of warm metals and materials, which would give a sharp and elegant finish to your interior space. But there are many more to choose from within the 350k + images to be found in Photo4Me so get exploring to find something Unique and Stylish for your home!

A photograph can transmit serenity, nostalgia or joy. It can express something meaningful to you as well as your taste in art. It has the power to add value to a room and play with emotions that sometimes cannot be described with words. It is important to choose photographs correctly as energy will be transmitted through into the interior space. It is essential then, to above all, choose photographs that you can stop and admire and feel connected with.