The world through a lens – Sharon Lisa Clarke

I never thought as an untrained photographic artist I would be able to sell my images. As a lot of my creations are photo manipulations I refer to myself as an artist rather than a photographer. I still work mainly with post processing and don’t have the photographic knowledge of many of my colleagues, but it works for me.

I have only been taking photos for about seven years. I took a few images with a friend and started to mess about with them. I’ve never thought of myself as artistic but to my surprise I started to produce some half decent art work. I noticed my friend was selling on Photo4me so I joined, and  it wasn't long before I had a sale. Over the years I have sold 33 images on Photo4me and I’m proud of my achievements. I have sold all over the world through other outlets but mostly through Photo4me in the UK.

My proudest moment so far was when my Egret image was featured in Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover on national TV.  I also had an image selected to be on display at a Hospital. It's strange to think someone has your photograph or artwork hanging up in their home, it still amazes me.


The secret to my sales I think is my diversity. I have created images from most genres, ranging from Flora, Architecture, Wildlife, Sea-scape to Abstract and Digital montages. I’m a big fan of Topaz software and prefer post processing images rather than taking them. I love messing around with an image in Photoshop or creating something new digitally.

My advice is to stick at it and imagine what your image would look like up on the wall. Is it art? Would you buy it? Be diverse and open minded as buyers may love something you would not choose personally yourself. Art is very personal and it’s hard to predict what a buyer wants. Take time to look at other portfolios as you can learn a lot and gain inspiration. I view the world through a lens and everything I see is seen as a piece of art.

The dream now is to get the chance to photograph polar bears in their natural habitat, but if I can't I can appreciate all the beautiful images out there to see.

Sharon has amassed a magnificent collection of over 1500 artwork images on the Photo4Me platform and would appreciate your feedback and comments on the platform. View all her work on her members page.