Custom Request - Airplane

Hello to those who are interested. Aviation aircraft custom.

We have had a request from a client who would like to have an image created with the following specifications.

I'll be sending him the list created by you, in the next 24 hours.

"Can you do this print with the aircraft serial number being a VN like the attached picture. (note the dash above the a.)"

For those who are interested, please upload the image to P4M and post in the comments below. Here is the images he's provided to help with visualization.



Opening the Phone lines.

We are always looking to facilitate the customer’s journey on the site. As of last Monday, Photo4me has started to openly mention on the site that customers can call customer service to ask questions regarding products and placing orders.

We feel this has given us great feedback on how the site works and how to improve user ability and where we need to add information.

We have added these calling info bars on the following pages: (all search pages) (all details pages) (cart) (customer signing/creating page)


We hope this gives the company a better personal touch and really gets to know the customer and what their expectations of the site is. Customer input along with member input really helps make a difference.

One of the big changes we made from these phone calls was the products information page.

Previously, we when a customer was on the product details page and clicked the “i” button or “about our PRODUCT” it created a slide down effect with the information mentioned, however some customers were not finding this information.

We have now created a new pop-up feature, which we believe will be more helpful to everyone. We are currently updating the pop-up information to helpfully give as much information to the general public as possible.

Let us know what you think!

All the best,

Jon & Mike