Model Release -- Official Standing

We have recently taken into account a lot of member feedback and the on going discussion about model releases and pictures taken in public.

We have reached out to solicitors and we have welcoming news.


Any photograph, regardless for commercial or private taken in the public or in a public space can be used and sold. If the image were taken in private, such as a studio or in someone’s private living space, a release form would be needed.

If the person whose picture was taken and they were in a public space/area and demanded funds or the removal of said image, would ultimately come down to the photographer’s discretion.

Therefore to summarize,

Pictures of elders, adults and children, etc whose picture was taken in a public space need no model release and are perfectly acceptable to upload and sell. Please be respectful on how they are portrayed, especially children.

Picture taken in someone’s private living area or in a private setting must require a model release.


This new policy is effective immediately.


Jon & Mike