Month of member dedication update

Thank you for all your input. We are now working hard on making the members site more user friendly!

We are working on the following 5 things -- 

- A Personal messaging service. - Early stages of development.

- Rating notification centre. Late stages of development.

- Search on member home page -- Will be to search for other members but we will add filters to it later to search for images, picture #'s, blog posts, forum posts etc. -Late stages of development.

- Forums. Working on design. Early stages development.

- Folders. Working on functions and linking. Very early development.

We are aware of the need of paging on the commercial search and it is a high priority of us.

I think you will all be happy with the improvements were working on when they are complete

Here is a screenshot of what the new members home page will look like with the ratings notifications installed.

To answer some of your questions:

Folders: We hope to make the folders as easily and friendly as possible.

Uploader: The uploader is something we will look at in the future but not this month. We estimate the whole uploader process will take several weeks to complete. We are still debating the pros and cons to uploading multiple images at a time. No word as of yet.

Twitter: Tweet details of an image that the image shows up in the tweet. -- As far as we know, we cannot incooperate the tweet to have pictures through the sharing application. We do this when images sells but it cannot be added when sharing.

Subscriptions: We have no intention at this point in time in adding a subscription or premium fee. We would rather work on the site to help members and the public.

Details page - other images: Getting rid of similar images on the details page. We have a couple ideas how to implement this. Questionable if we'll have time to get it done this time around.

Personal website link up from P4M: Being able to implement your own profile fully in your own website -- A good idea, a large project. Will not be this time round but definitely in the future.

Personalized Voucher codes: We have spoken about voucher codes -- the hardest part is keeping them exclusive. Working out ways we would be able to control it.

Jon & Mike

April dedicated to the Members

Good afternoon everyone.

We will be dedicating the month of April solely to improve the member’s usability of the site.

Due to the popular demand, the forums will be making a return. We will also be adding folders to the members portfolio page.

We want to also work on other improvements you would like to see. Please comment IN THE BLOG -- we’ll see what is possible. We will disregard comments in the Facebook page. We will only take into account suggestions made on the blog page so it is a fair chance that everyone will be able to put in their opinion regardless if they have Facebook or not.

Going back to the survey that was asked before Christmas, please see the file below.

We have implement certain functions into the site already from the Christmas survey.

We have completed the ability to search other members:

We have completed the ability to add your TinyURL. (Bottom left)

We have completed the FAQ which is visible in the drop down.

We would love to hear what you would like to see and improve upon.
Kind regards,
Mike and Jon