Ratios for the site

As mentioned, here is the new updated ratios.

The number of sizes available is relative to the number of different sizes we offer across all of our products.

So if you take 1:1 has 14 different size selections. There might be 5 sizes in prints, 6 in canvas, 4 in framed prints and 7 in acrylics. But there is duplicates in sizes but after a size is counted, it won't be added again to the total.

When creating your files, anything with 3+ "different sizes avaliable" gives a good spectrum of size options. 1-2 size sizes avaliable really limit the customer in their choice.

Danger Zone means that if possible, keep the ratio below that level because there isn't many products which can be made and sent out and they are not at all popular.

There is a tolerance of 10%. This means that if there is a square picture but off by a couple pixels, it would bring up all the square products that would be within the 10% tolerance. It would bring up all the square and all the products within that boundary.