Beta testing of the new profile pages

New profile pages are ready for beta testing

In order to have a shortened URL you will need to set it within your members account settings page however I'm still working on the code and it will not be available to edit for 1-2 days. For members that created a tiny URL on the old site, this feature will start to work, and you will be able to edit your tiny url within 1-2 days.

Here's an example of how they will now look: the site links will start to update with your profile links redirecting to these new pages very soon. If you have not implemented a tiny url then it will default to your member id for example in

If you want to share links you can add extra filters

Search phrase
An example would be london




For the filters to work you need have them in the correct order for example:

The easiest way to create a link is to use the filtering options in the search bar and the url will automatically refresh, then just copy the link and send to friends or use the social sharing buttons under your avatar on the commercial site.

Coming soon custom folders

This new layout of the application gives us the ability to start to give members the ability to create custom folders for their portfolios. And this is how they will work.

Within your portfolio you will soon be able to create folders to sort your images into categories. In order to get these folders to work you would simply replace the category with a folder name and the filter will work. The work on this new feature will start this week and we hope it will be live by 6th Feburary providing we don't hit any problems with implementing this into our platforms. 


For more information you might like to read this blog from last week:

UPDATE**** Now fully functioning. See:

Planned work for week commencing 17th January

Tiny URL's

This week I will be working on the new tiny URL's for members.

An example of a tiny URL would be as you can see that takes the visitor directly to my portfolio page. (which does not roll off the tongue).

In the past when the site was smaller, it was easy to have a shortened URL like above. We can no longer have them off the main route of the site, as it is causing some application issues. and they need to be moved to either a new domain e.g. or have them within a folder of the main site e.g.

We need to give fair warning to members that have the old style of shortened URL that they will stop working after 31/03/2015, when the new ones will take over.

We will make an announcement later this week when we have decided the new layout of the tiny URL. 

We are aware that this may cause some members issues but the work is essential and we thank you for your patience.