Earning with Photo4Me -- A members perspective

This week we had Dawn give us her insight on how she, or rather a members perspective on selling through Photo4me. Have a read!

"One of the most asked questions on Photo4Me (P4) has to be “How can I earn money on P4”?


There is of course no easy answer. Some have sold well because they have a niche market, for example this past year we have seen a lot of Aviation Images sell well. One member in particular has done extremely well with over 30 sales in the month leading up to Christmas and including the month of early November when buyers were thinking about the 100th Celebrations of the start of WW1. Why did this one particular member sell so well when there are many members with similar and equally as “good” images? I believe because that artist has built up a dedicated following of his work which he has promoted on many different sites that are into Aviation or WW1 memorabilia.


So how can you sell if you don’t have a niche market? If you are like me and probably a lot of the photographers on P4 do not have a particular genre of photography then good for you! You have the whole world at your fingertips. I’ve been a serious photographer for about 5 years now and have been consistently selling for almost 3. P4 is the first site I sold an image on and it gave me such a buzz! Someone liked my work so much they have it hanging on their wall! I’ve deleted the image now it was such a bad image . Why did they buy it then? It was an image of a statue in the Winter Garden of a local park and university grounds. Who knows why, they do and that’s what matters, it mattered to them. It had meaning for them. Whether it was the statue itself or the place it was situated we will never know.


I have sold images of a single Ox Eye Daisy I took in my garden and then had my first ever go at using textures. Again not a “good” image but it sold as an A1 Framed Print 5 times in the same sale to be used in various hospitals in the North of England. Why? A simple happy image that had a soothing calming effect I guess? I woke up one day and a pal put on Facebook that there was a pig flying around Battersea Power Station. I lived 20 minutes by train from there so up I got and off I dashed to grab a few pics. This was a recreation of Pink Floyds The Animals album. I took hundreds of shots to get the right composition, I didn’t want a shot of the pig’s backside and because of the wind and the fact that it had a leak and had to be brought down many times to be refilled it was a long session but I got some good shots and this has proved to be one of my best sellers.


I am not a great photographer and Photoshop still baffles me! I can use Lightroom and do to bring out the best in my photos as much as I can but most of my work is pretty much as is taken at the time. I believe the reason for my success is the amount of time I’ve put into promoting my work.


It took me 8 months before I sold my first image on P4 and from then on I pretty much sold an image every month, more sometimes . I must have driven my Facebook friends nuts as every time I uploaded an image to P4 I linked it to my wall which was connected to my Twitter account as well! I joined various “arty websites” and gave blogging a try. I paid to have my P4 URL included in search engines, I had some of my work printed and managed to get them displayed in local cafes and pubs. I got some cheep business cards printed with my current “best image” on and handed them out to all and sundry. I even gave prints away to folk who I knew who would then go on to tell loads of folk about their “gift”. Anything and everything I could think of and it worked for me!


As I said, there is no easy formula, if there was we would all be selling bundles every day, its all trial and error and luck! All I can advise is get out there take all those pics and upload your best work. None of us know what the buyers are going to eventually spend their hard earned cash on but if its not up there it certainly won’t sell!"


Good Luck!

Dawn O'Connor

You can check out Dawns portfolio by going to:


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  • JB

    1/27/2015 10:00:00 AM |

    Nice read Dawn well done.

  • Michael Chandler

    2/25/2015 6:32:27 AM |

    Many of my shots on file which I'd like to post here are at a resolution of only 72 ... is there a way to up the res to 300? My Elements guide book says I can't add detail which isn't there but on some shots it does seem to work ...