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Hello Photo4me members!

As you may have noticed by now, we have been working on the uploader. Last Thursday night the old uplader had stopped working and there was little we could do to repair it. Luckily, we were working on the new uploader for the past 5-6months. With the old uploader now none existant, we had to take the new uploader out of the building stages and implement it right away. We were a few days short of having it thouroughly tested, it was good enough for a BETA version.

Jon has been hard at work trying to fine tune the uploader which has been quiet stressful on all of us over here. 

Jon has said the following:

Releasing new software is always a stressful period for stakeholders IE you the members and us the developers.

We appreciate all the help we can get. If a file fails to upload for some reason we will work on it to solve the issue.

To help us please do this:

Take a snap shot of the screen (alt print screen) and attach it to an email along with the image you are attempting to upload and send it to customercare@photo4me.com along with any other info that may help us like the computer operating system and browser you are using. And lastly please let us know which version you are using it will state at the bottom of the uploader BETA 1.4 etc we need this to reference with the code.

The current live development link is here:

The current test link is here:

Many thanks
Jon & the team.

I will keep you all updated on the blog with new versions and developments.

Update: Wednesday 20th of January 10:30am.

Beta version 1.5.0

Please note this application is in beta. If you notice any issues please report it in our Facebook group or report below in comments.

  1. This version solves issues with empty EXIF
  2. With reduced sharpening.

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