March Newsletter 2016

April showers bring May flowers 

Spring has arrived in England with a force and we’ve seen all extremes of weather, from major storms to beautiful sunshine, a perfect opportunity to get some fantastic pictures! Which we’re already starting to see uploaded to the site.

• Congrats to Kayleigh May Meek who sold her first canvas this month, a lovely picture of The Island of Halki.

• Some great winter pictures by new member Alexey Trofimov who has been very active on social media, joining in on discussions.

• Thank you to all who have been positive and have created content on the Facebook page. Particularly, long time member and always positive and a great personality on the social media, thanks for making the new members feel welcome Mary Fletcher, check out her photos

Thank you as always to the community who are active on our social media but also to those who just want to upload pictures. The community continues to grow as we now boast 6,900 members and having 357,000 pictures and counting. We have sent your artwork from Auckland New Zealand to San Francisco, which is to us and hopefully you, an amazing accomplishment. Well done to everyone!

We’re not going to run any promotions this month, but that shouldn’t stop you from promoting your work and trying to think of fun marketing ideas to get people interested in your work. Keep in mind there are a few events going on around the country, in particular the London Marathon April 24th, so it might be a good occasion to take or promote pictures of London or some sort of athletics.

Top effort everyone!

This month in our regular info-sharing, for P4M member, which we bring you hints, tips and advise.

We’re going to cover keywords. Lately it has become a question from our members as to why pictures don’t show up in search.

Say you look up the keyword, "New York Taxi" and we didn't come across your image. It is very possible that is because "New York Taxi" is not part of your keywords. You have: New York City Collage, New York City, Manhattan, Taxi, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Collage, art, abstract, modern, decorative, colourful, geometric

The keywords or phrases are exactly what customers would look up word for word. So you would need to add "New York Taxi" to that list to be found. You want to come up with common keywords but not broad enough that the customer finds 1000 pictures.

Try to avoid words that will yield a lot of results. For example, I see members all the time write in only 7 keywords (the minimum) but don't put anything specific in them. They'll write, beautiful, red, art, sea, blue, sky, sand. Be specific to the location or subject and type in all variations of and what people might look up. Then start putting in very generic and common terms. Start specific, then go towards common.

An example for wording variation -- a Park in Montreal. The actual spelling for Park in French is "Parc" so to cover all your bases, you would write both versions -- "Parc LaFontaine" and "LaFontaine Park"

We’re always looking for something to report or to announce, anything that would interest the community. Would you like to write up a blog? Start a photography club? Have any tips? Locations? Advice? Let us know and we’ll be more than happy to read and even put it into the newsletter.

Have a great month everyone, and thank you for your patience and help once again regarding the uploader. 

Best wishes,

Jon & Mike