December Newsletter 2016

Jingle Bells

This month needs no introduction, we know it's December. Crisp mornings and early sunsets, but as always great pictures can come from a verity of places, even if the recent weather has been a little on the wet side. Great pictures from Robert Murray and by Daugirdas Racys.

News from the community

Congrats to Michael Chandler who after having uploaded to the site 2 years ago was able to sell his first image of the beautiful Coastguard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven. Great job and hopefully many more sales to come!

Jamie Green's village shop in Backbarrow, Cumbria, is displaying some of his canvas wraps for sale. Pop-in and say hi if you're in the area! Best of luck on some sales!

Azimuth Images is having a 2 page spread published in new on-line magazine that is free to subscribe to called The article is about the Magpie Mine - it is an abandoned lead mine in the Peak District of Derbyshire and it's restoration project. The team needed a drone pilot and photographer to take and create photos and video's to document the repair work which will in time, hopefully help secure more funds from the Heritage Lottery fund grant.

Congratulations to Alexey Trofimov who was featured earlier this month on "The Dodo" and "Now This" on social media for his achievement and patience in photographing Seals in Eastern Siberia for 3 years. The video has been viewed over 6.2 million times.

To check out the news snippet, click the link here.

November Promotions

First of all, congrats to everyone who sold over the Black Weekend and the run to up Christmas. If you haven't sold, don't be disheartened, still a lot of time for someone to find and purchase your great images before Christmas. Share among family and friends market your work because people are still looking for that perfect gift for someone special.

What's happening?


Not much more to say here. We know there are going to be a festive time of the year and plenty to see and do.

Whatever your faith or non-faith may be, from all of us at Photo4me, happy holidays, be safe and best wishes going into 2017!

What's new this month?

During this time of the year, we don't like to tinker to much with the site so we've kept it very simple.

We have added a pop-up on the details page(shop) so that when someone clicks on the image, it will inform the customer the that it is a low res file they are looking at but they will have the high res printed on their final product. -- See screenshot below.

Also throughout the site, we've added a "Lines Open" box above the phone number to help customers purchase and ask us questions.

We've also added a banner throughout the commercial site informing the public when all of our cutoff dates take place. If you are interested in knowing and helping your customers see the link here.

As always we worked on the SEO of the site to better drive traffic and have tightened and enhanced our marketing going into Christmas with the intention of selling your lovely pictures to the general public at no cost to yourself.

Top effort everyone!

Biggest "issue" we had this month was the question of duplicative accounts and voting.

Firstly, a coloured camera means absolutely nothing when it comes to purchasing. Yes it helps show pictures off, but ultimately, if the picture isn't good or non interesting, the customer will move to the next one. 

Duplicative accounts are very much frowned upon and can be the cause of removal from the site. You cannot sign up to the site and use multiple accounts to vote on your own or other peoples pictures. You have 1 account that's it. You cannot have multiple accounts in which you post the same content... Say you uploaded a picture 4 years ago, but want to post a "refreshed version" to show up higher or whatever. That's a no-no and easily be found and checked.

These couple of examples will get you removed from the site.

As for "voting clubs" we cannot stop people from voting on pictures, one vote per person. That's the way the site is. In the past, we have said that voting on pictures will remain on the site, and that is true today. 

If "voting club" members are simply signing up extra accounts just to vote on a picture, then that will be cause of complete removal off all accounts of that member which will include their "master". We don't care who they are. As it has given a member an unfair advantage over other "by the book" photographers.

New members help
We see it all the time, and we will keep repeating this.

When it comes to primary key phrase and keywords. This should be 2-3 words that describe your image. When we say “describe,” it means what would someone look up. Don’t say, “sun” or “blue” or “sea” or any general word. We also see nonsensical gibberish like "snowdonia wet sun drive." Ask yourself, “What are you looking at?” Better yet, put yourself in the customers shoes, what are they looking for and what would bring up your picture with their specific search? Rarely will we see someone in our traffic search for something so general looking for the examples given above. A customer knows what they want and they want a specific thing.

Where - Where is this picture taken?
What - What are they looking at? 
Be as specific as possible.

If it's a beach, which beach? What town? Put all that into the keywords, mix it up, combine these keywords. What is in your description? Add those wordings into your keywords. String 2-3 words together.

I would highly recommend you go through your pictures to avoid just generalities. If your keyword is to general, customers will never find your lovely images.

We have instructed our moderators to be very observant and will kick back images which are too general in their keywords.

For more help with keywords, see the FAQ here.

We’re always looking for something to report or to announce, anything that would interest the community. Would you like to write up a blog? Start a photography club in your area? Have any tips? Locations? Advice? Let us know and we’ll be more than happy to read and even put it into the newsletter.

Have a great month everyone, and thank you for being part of the community. 

Best wishes,

Jon & Mike

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