April Newsletter

April Showers

... Brings April flowers? We can only hope that the rain is minimal and we get plenty of sunshine. I think we can all agree, spring is much more pleasant and everyone is finished with the cold winter.

Speaking of April and spring, common thought is that the month "April" derives from the word, aperire, which means "to open", a nod to spring when trees and flowers begin to "open".

In saying that, we have already started to have some great spring images showing up on the site like Christine Lake's "Welcome to Spring" and "Light on the rocks of Coombes edge, Charlesworth" by Andrew Kearton.

News from the Community

Congrats to Janet Burdon who had her first sale after patiently waiting 2 years! Fantastic image of Heading for home and best wishes for more sales in the near future. 

A message from Jon 

Fifteen years ago this year I had an idea of creating a platform for photographers to sell their art.

This week Photo4me surpassed 400k images, with over 2.4 million products for sale. All from an idea I had whilst riding my bike across London.

I've learnt so much in the last two years, the team I have around me now makes me so proud.

Creating successful businesses comes from great ideas, great execution and most importantly great people.

This place would be nothing without the great imagery and community we have.

What's happening?

On the 1st we had April Fools. Hopefully you had day of laughter and fun. We also wanted to wish Jon a very happy birthday once again!

Western Christianity celebrates Easter, which occurs on the 16th of April this year. Enjoy your religious practices (if you practice any) and long weekend.

In the Hebrew calendar April 8th is Yom Kippur and April 22nd to the 30th is Passover.


In North Yorkshire we have the Harrogate Flower Show in late April. Should you attend and take any pictures, please ensure you have the proper accreditations and permissions.

Staying in North Yorkshire, we also have the Tour de Yorkshire on April 28th. Get a great view of the riders at Burton Agnes, Driffield, Pocklington, Malton, Pickering, Goathland, Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay, before the electrifying finish in Scarborough.

In the capitol we have the London Marathon taking place on Sunday the 23rd of April. Cheer on these amazing people running for fantastic causes.

The Peak District comes alive with walkers for the annual walking festival in April and May. There’s a trail for every level of experience, to the top of mountains or days long treks across the Derwent Valley or a nice stroll through villages. Don't forget your cameras!

Saturday April 8th is the Aintree Grand National, the world famous horse race in Liverpool. Take in the sighs and sounds of the event and cheer on your favourite horse!

Apparently April 6th is National Beer Day. Go grab a pint but drink responsibly.


In the US, Baseball starts their amazingly long season of 182 games on April2nd. It's called "Opening Day."

Down in South Easy Asia and Indonesia we have a few New Years celebrations such as Cambodia New Years, Maithili New Year (Nepal) and also Sinhalese New Years in Sri Lanka. These events happens between April 13th-15th.

April 22nd is Earth Day.

Lest we forget, on April 25th it is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand. Unlike the traditional wearing of the poppies in Europe and North America, on Anzac day, the sprigs of rosemary are worn and sometimes on Remembrance Day. Rosemary has particular significance for Australians, as it is found growing wild on the Gallipoli peninsula.

What's new this month?

As mentioned in the previous months email, we have changed the logo on the site and we're officially a registered trademarked company.

As always we worked on the SEO and marketing campaigns.
We've also fixed a little niggling bugs in the search -- back end stuff. We've also improved the SEO on the home and search pages.

On shop, we've added a zooming feature - this is our first version, but a new version will be released hopefully next month which will be even more zoomed in and to fix a small bug on portrait images. Best that you ensure you take out your dust spots and imperfects before uploading (not to say you didn't do that before) because the zooming box will find them, meaning customer will see those small imperfections and you could potentially lose a sale.

Also on shop we have added a wallpaper colour option in the living room area. Customers can never get a better idea what their picture will look on their wall and can really visualise it in their own space.

We have also created a file replacement function. Unfortuantely we can only use it once an image is sold and if we require a new updated picture because of imperfections - we can replace and save it on server. For those who have sent over pictures in the past for replacements in the print queue, this has been done for you already.

New T&C's.
Please be aware that we have a new T&C that you should be aware of. It says,

  1. PayPal is Photo4me’s sole payment system to members. Members are responsible for the upkeep of, and claiming of funds into, their PayPal accounts. Should a member fail to maintain his or her PayPal account or to collect any payments due to him or her into the account and the funds are returned to Photo4me, the member has 365 days from the original payment date to request Photo4me to re-attempt the transfer. If the member fails to make a such a request within this period, the member will forfeit any balances of funds to Photo4me.

Top effort everyone!

How to market your work. It really depends on what works for you.

Paid Search 
Sometimes Adwords or a marketing campaign works, and other times it doesn't. I would say that it would be best to gain some experience or knowledge in Adwords before you start to market your work on there because you could just end up burning money. But again, some people have had success on it and others haven't.

Personal website
Lots of members are linking their website to ours which has seen an increase in conversions if we look at the Year On Year(YOY) numbers, so I think that is a strong avenue to check.

Our sister company Splat Web Works is looking at a possible white label implementation iframe in which you would be able to drop code into your website and then have your P4M portfolio shown. Watch this space for future developments.  

Local Market
Some other members just tend to get out and set up a little stall in their local market. They chat with people face to face and have a little brochure handy or some sort of card. Some people are cautious at spending money at an impulse buy and want to think about it. Having this brochure and a link to the site is a smart idea and gives people a chance to browse all of your images + the ones they saw at your stall. They will have a personal connection with you and feel a sense of loyalty which is never a bad thing.

Local networks / businesses
If that's not possible, then work your local networks, find people that are interested in these things. Go to our local shops/business/hotel's/B&B's/etc -- network, network, network. Start knocking on doors! See if these people need a redecoration, speak with them, get a feel if they are looking at investing in some wall art/local wall art. Give them your brochure / card with your P4M link in black and white. Worst they say is No.

Friends and family
Network between friends and colleagues -- don't look like you're trying to sell it to them, so be careful -- no one likes to be told what to buy but think of creative ways of bringing it into their consciousness. 

As always for a more in depth write up, see the blog here.

We’re always looking for something to report or to announce, anything that would interest the community. Would you like to write up a blog? Start a photography club in your area? Have any tips? Locations? Advice? Let us know and we’ll be more than happy to read and even put it into the newsletter.

Have a great month everyone, and thank you for being part of the community. 

Best wishes,

Jon & Mike

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