February Newsletter

February Love

The shortest month on the calendar and no leap year until 2020. Did you know that January and February were the last months to be added to the Roman calendar because they considered winter to be "monthless" period... I can see why, grey and cold - no fun!

Warmer times ahead! Yes yes it was a cold January, coldest that I've experienced on this side of the pond. Hopefully that the cold snap has pasted us and we can start to look forward to sun and spring? February has a few events and good days that we look forward to. Valentines day, and the start of the Six Nations rugby tournament. Lots to look forward too!

News from the community

Congratulations to Tom Hard who is the runner up in a Jessops winter photo competition. His image below ( image will be in a London gallery in February. Fantastic job!

Fist bump to Carl Blackburn who sold Mary's Shell at Sunset -- his first sale a couple weeks ago. Well done!

Gary Eason has been working with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight on three pictures for use in their publications, depicting the new paint schemes that their Avro Lancaster and two of their Spitfires are getting. The pictures they commissioned are for their exclusive first use but he has done separate versions now available on Photo4me and you'll see in his most recent uploads:

The image of Avro Lancaster W5005 of 460 Squadron RAAF with kangaroo playing bagpipes nose art involved extensive research in squadron records and the Australian War Memorial archive, with Sqn Ldr Clive Rowley MBE RAF (Ret'd); F/Sgt Daryll Fell of the current 460 Squadron RAAF; Richard Munro from the 460 Squadron Veterans and Friends Group.

In other news, we're very excited to say we have/will hit a new milestone this month. Photo4me will have reached 400,000 live images on the site for sale. Thank everyone for all the photo's and your tireless work. Also, not to sound like a broken record but with this much content on the site, it is becoming more and more important that you promote your work within your networks.

What's happening?

Interesting national and international dates for the month.

Just getting over Christmas and trying to save? Think again and get ready to spend! As the large majority of people know, Valentines day falls on the Tuesday the 14th, so remember to show your love and appreciation to that special someone in your life.


Don't be shocked or surprised to see people wearing Red on February 26th as it is National Wear Red Day. It is run by the British Heart Foundation with the purpose to raise awareness of heart disease in the UK.

Visit the largest Viking Festival in Europe in York! Starts Feb 18th and goes for 9 full days of fun and celebration!

Ever witness or play in a 16 hour football match? Want to? Then head over to Ashbourne Derbyshire. Not like your traditional game, this Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Match is played over two eight hour periods, the goals are three miles apart and there are very few rules! The game takes places on the last weekend in February.

Celebrate a circus spectacular at Blackpool's Showzam! Life getting a little crazy that you want to run away from your life and responsibilities? Have second thoughts? Well you can have both! Yes that's right! Head over to Blackpool and see many talented artists and profermers over the course of 4 to 5 days! Starts February 11th.


One of the biggest annual sporting events will take place in the evening on Feb 5th when the NFL will have the 51st Super Bowl. Will Tom Brady of the Patriots get his 5th championship ring and solidify his place as the best ever to play? Or will Matt Ryan and the Falcons play spoilers. Find out live - or read the paper the next morning.

February is Black History Month in North America. It is observed for the remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. (In the UK it's October). At first, it started as a week observance in North America, as it fell on Lincoln and Frederick Douglass's birthdays. It only became a month long observance in 1970.

February 2nd is Groundhog day where Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby will emerge it's burrow and give us his meteoritical reading. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when Phil emerges from his burrow, the spring season will arrive early. If it is sunny, Phil will see his shadow and run back into the burrow and we're stuck with another 6 weeks of winter... I don't know about you, but I'm happy to bribe Phil with clovers and alfalfa to end winter. 

UPDATE: Phil saw his shadow so we're in for another 6 weeks of winter...Bugger, we didn't bribe him with enough clovers or alfalfa. 

Although it raises the eyebrows slightly that we're taking meteorological reading from a rodent and we're still questioning/debating climate change... What a time to be alive! 

What's new this month?

During January, Jon and Mike had a away day and worked on our 2017 development strategy for the site and covered all aspects of the business. Commercial site, Members site, Cart, Growth, Marketing, Admin, everything. We are very excited going into the year and the projects which will be rolled out throughout the year.

This month we worked a fair bit in the Cart and the customer journey. We've made the cart easier to understand and gives buyers confidence when purchasing with us. 

In shop there were a few little niggling bugs that we have repaired.

Framed Prints have had a price reduction as we have negotiated a new deal with our manufacture. 

We have removed Box Prints as a purchasing option but plan on replacing it with a new product. Watch this space for the unveiling that will hopefully be in the next couple of months.

We have added a "recently viewed" banner in a more visible area of the website (just below the logo banner) so customers can track their viewed images a lot easier. 

As always we have worked on our marketing platforms and site SEO to hopefully capture a larger audience to see your great pictures.

Top effort everyone!

This month we're going to address description wording cutoffs. Yes this old song and dance, but even the most senior and experienced members have run into this.

Please be aware that there is a character limit in the description, keywords and your commercial bio. For example, see the image above.

Although no longer this version of search is no longer live on the site, Mike's bio was to say the least, a little embarrassing. 

Make sure you have a short and sweet bio that doesn't go over 500 characters because when we sell your great pictures, we send out a letter of authenticity which has your bio in it... If it's to long, it gets cut off like the screenshot above. You can edit your bio here.

Moreover when uploading picture, when someone copies and pastes a description to their image (not recommended to begin with for SEO purposes) or if you just type it out, again remember to keep it short and sweet. We see it all the time where the last bit of the description ends in a cliff hanger. Please review and edit.

24 characters limit for primary keyword(s) -- Although it says Keyphrase on the site, think of it as keywords.
500 character limit with spaces for description and keywords.

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