Drone Photography

There is a regulation on the site regarding drone or UAV, UAS, Quadcopter, RC Helicopter etc, photography.

Those who do not comply with the rules will have their aerial drone photographs taken down immediately.

For the time being, it will be flagged under “accreditation” as you do not have the required paperwork/documentation to post and sell images for commercial gain. We will put in a button/reasoning more specific in the near future.

You will no longer be able to “pass off” drone photography as in flight photographer (in a plane) - we have our ways of checking this.

Therefore, it is easy to see if it was a drone that took the image.

Aerial Photography using UAV, UAS, Quadcopter, RC Helicopter etc:
The CAA has a law within the UK with regards UAV usage for commercial gain. If you intend to fly your aircraft for video or photography for personal financial gain the CAA require the user to hold a Basic National UAS Certificate or recognized equivalent document and must undertake relevant check to fly their aircraft.

The Law for the CAA states this in there CAP 722 Document available to download from the CAA website.

You can download the CAA document from: https://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP%20722%20Sixth%20Edition%20March%202015.pdf
People are getting convicted for drone photography who do not have the appropriate paperwork. Here is the first case from 2013, posted on the CAA website.

If you would like to learn more and get your paperwork, Eurousc.com is one of the leading companies on the market at the moment.

If you do have your Basic National UAS Certificate or recognized equivalent document, please email it to customercare@photo4me.com before posting pictures.