Flagged images

There is a loophole where you can remove a flag - this does nothing. We still see the original flag as well as all removals and then re-flags... Long story short - it clutters up our inbox.

Question 1. Are the moderators/members flagging images due to the authors portfolio content or the subject of the image ?

A1. Tricky, normally it’s due to content (the appearance of – horizon, dust spot out of focus, replicative, etc etc), however if you have the same image 4+ times all at once, but the tint is slightly different or if it’s the same subject in different positions, then yes it will be flagged as it will/can over saturate the authors portfolio.

Question 2. If it is the former you have flagged my recent submissions, one which I disagree, there are three distinctly different shots. Please elaborate on the reason for this as another of the two of the same subject which I would expect flagged is not.

A2. Just because images has been flagged does not mean the image will be off the site. It means that someone thought that the image could be better or they were replicate or didn’t meet our guidelines. If a member thought it fell into our guidelines for removal, then it an email is sent to the Photo4Me team to agree or disagree with the flag.

Question 3. If it is the latter I agree with the flagging of very similar images but unless the storage space is a problem shouldn't your paying customers make the decision for you and perhaps a time limit without a sale be used as a more appropriate filter with automatic removal after a prescribed time period .

A3. It’s not so much about storage space but keeping content to the highest standard possible. If we have 1000 pictures of a Vulcan fly pass from an airshow, it will hide all the great artistic pictures of the Vulcan that not anyone can capture or create.

Questions 4. What extra information can you give me about flagged images?

A4. Essentially once an image is flagged, a moderator will get an email with a link to the image and a reason – most of the time the reason is irrelevant as it’s pretty obvious – If it is not obvious, then we’ll email the member and ask why they flagged the image. If they spotted something we didn’t first time round then we’ll put it into the approvals queue which will be declined later that day.

If we disagree with the flag, then the image will stay on the site. The buying public will not see there is a flag associated with the image. The flag will however remain on the members side as we don’t want to be emailed multiple times about the same image we’ve already accepted.