Popular images first please

By Steev Stamford

P4M is often criticised for making images that have previously sold there a higher priority in the on-site search results. Generally I guess by people who haven't sold but do have similar images.


Much as I get the frustration - I have many images similar to those that have sold - it really is a commercially sound decision and here's why:-


If you take any other business that sells you'll notice that's the way they work too. All selling space is expensive - be that as real 'shelf space' like shops or server space, but more importantly customer 'head space'.


Customer 'head space' - yep. Admit it - you go to a supermarket looking for milk - you walk past everything else - and go for milk. Not only that you go for the same milk you bought last week, the week before, the month before. You - dear customer are a creature of habit.


There are literally dozens of choices of a simple product like milk - yet the supermarkets know that if something has sold lots before then the chances are it will continue to sell lots. So whilst they offer whole, semi. skimmed, filtered and umpteen other variations the one that gets most exposure is the best seller - semi skimmed.


So if you are running a business it makes most sense to display your best sellers most prominently.


Customers have short attention spans - for a site to be effective it must display what the customer wants and the only way a site knows what customers want to buy is to look at what they've bought already.