Welcome to Photo4me - first steps and info

If you have recently joined P4M welcome! Now what do I do?

It can be a little daunting to find out how to get listed and how to get your images higher on the listings on the commercial site.

Photo4me has been designed with search engines in mind and your images will get indexed very quickly with us and will get listed on Google and other search engines.

But you must get these three things correct:

1. Upload a picture of yourself to your profile.

Don’t upload a picture of a flower or camera, or a silly picture.

Why you ask? Well it’s simple really, if you are really serious about selling your images you have to get used to marketing yourself as well. Part of the reason why customers buy from us, is that they want to support artists and what they do. If they can see a picture of you then that helps them connect with you and want to buy your art.

2. Complete a proper bio, don’t go writing your 1000 page biography but give a little insight into yourself.

3. Try and write something meaningful. Meaning, connect with the public, make them want to support your work.

OK now on to image uploads.

In an ideal world you would upload an image of 10mb's and higher and a JPEG. We realize this isn't always possible. Therefore we ask that all pictures be between 1MB to 25MB in file size when uploaded.

You've uploaded your first picture. Fantastic! But now what?

You will need to complete all the details about the image before it goes to the next stage of the approval process.

The title is very important, it must contain relevant information to the image, if you have taken a photo or drawn an ilustration of a place then include the place name in the title. Keep the title to a maximum of 5 words, any more will get trimed automatically from certain areas of the site so bare this in mind. Search engines look closely at the title so get it right.

Give a full description of the image, remember that on the commercial site this detail will hopefully encourage the buyer to buy your image. A good description make convert a browser to a buyer, so let us know what was going through your mind when you made your piece of art. To long of a description will be deleted. Please don't write a book about a picture, just a couple sentences.

Fill out the keywords correctly. The first 7 are most important. Try to be specific, general terms such as "Beautiful" "Colour" "Flower" will not yield good search results.

Click Save and upload your next picture.

Where does my image go after this?

Your image will be added to the approval list in chronological order, so it's first come first served. Every image which is uploaded to Photo4Me is manually approved. We go through the approval list 1-2 times a day. Once in the morning when we get in and once at the end of the day before leaving the office. Approval will happen weekdays, excluding holidays.

Once you have 30 images approved in your portfolio, you will then be able to upload your pictures whenever you want. Just remember, just because a moderator doesn't see the image go up, any member can flag and ask a moderator to look and determine if it is within standard of being on the site.

You have the ability to upload 10 images a day when you first join. They will be subjected to an "approval process" where a moderator looks at the images and determines they are of a high quality to be on the site.

If they the image is "accepted" it will go straight onto the site immediately and you can start to market your work.

If the images is "declined" you will get a message as to why the image has been declined. Once the correction is made, please reply in the window and a moderator will get an email directing him/her to the correction.

The main reasons for a decline include:
Dust Spots*
Blown Sky
Image Noise
Distracting objects
Potential Wrapping issue***
Poor Digital Editing

*The description mentions a link to "edit" however this link is no longer function on the new site.

**Please be aware of taking pictures on private land such as the National Trust, events with paid access, or events with sponsors. You need special permission from the venue to take pictures for commercial purposes.

*** Wrapping issues happen when a picture is taken but the subject is to close to the edges of the picture and if the image were sold as a canvas wrapped on the sides, the image can lose and distort the main subject or make the picture look "off".