Delivery Times

The standard delivery times can be found here:

In saying that, we do our best to inform members when their order is being dispatched.

On the shop.photo4me page when they choose an product, we give an date when their order should be received by. We always try to ensure this is updated and relevant.

If a customer needs orders by specific dates, it's always best that they email or call us so we can put it in the order notes, they way we can manage expectations a lot easier and everyone is happy at the end of the day - No stress for either side!

Express Dispatch

If a customer needs an order right away, we do offer a priority service. The order is pushed to the top of the manufacturing queue. The customer can choose this when they checkout in the cart - There is an additional 20% we add to the order based off the sub total. The minimum fee is £9.99 to a max of £24.99 ex VAT. This could take days off the wait for their order.

If a customer checks out and then decides they need this, we can also add it on to the order over the phone and we can arrange payment.