Emotional attachment to an image from a members perspective.

I had a lovely email from Steve Purnell contact me with a great example when we mention a emotional attachment is a definite bonus.


A lot of discussion in the past has centred around the ‘emotional attachment’ behind sales.


I recently made a sale of a greeting card on another pod. The following morning I got up to find the following mail in my 'Other' box on Facebook:-

'I am the "buyer from Fairborn, Oh," lol. I wanted to tell you how your photo of the "star-crossed lovers" means so much to me. I am pushing 50, but almost exactly a year ago, my first high school boyfriend found me on Facebook. For over 32 years, we had each kept every photo, letter, momento. My health is failing and we will never be. I saw your photo a while ago when I googled "star-crossed lovers" and couldn't get it out of my mind. It is the expressions, in stone no less, but also how you so beautifully captured them in your photo. So I sought it out again to give him this card on our "anniversary" of being reacquainted. I just wanted to thank you for the breathtaking photo and thought that you might like to know how much your work meant to a total stranger.'


It is an image of a stone ornament in our garden that I never thought would sell in a million years but emotional attachment has obviously played a huge part in this.



You can see Steve's "star-crossed lovers" Photo by going to the link below.



You can see Steve portfolio by going to:



 Thanks for the email Steve!