Little Coloured Cameras

When you look at your portfolio you will notice that there will be a little coloured camera next to your images.

Yellow/Orange Hour Clock
Your image is in the approval queue. The approval queue is cleared 1-3 times a day every weekday between 9:30 - 5:30pm. This excludes bank holidays.

Red with Lighting Strike -- Image has been declined. Click on your image, and read the reason, make adjustments accordingly or speak with an admin, use the reply button on the right.

Blue Icon or White/Grey Square with a clock
Your image has not received many ratings. Less than 3 comments have been made.

Your image has received an adequate number of ratings. 4 to 15 comments have been made.

Your image is getting some members attention. 16 to 26 comments have been made.

Your image is red hot, loads of people like it. 27 to 38 comments have been made.

Your image is of exceptional quality and many people like it. 39+ comments have been made.

You may switch coloured cameras a little before or after the numbers mentioned above have been reached. The guide above is solely based off averages.

Moderators have seen and highly enjoyed the picture. The picture has been featured on the home page.

The grey box with a downward arrow
The downloadable feature. Use to be a download feature which you needed to pay for, now with GDPR, please email with the picture ID and we'll send you the photo.

Generally speaking the more comments you have the higher up in search your image will be.
Each comment is weighted differently, like (lowest), love and exceptional (highest).

More of those you get, the closer it will be to the top of search it will be.