Purchasing my own images?

How do I purchase my own work?

Quite easy. Best way to do this is to go to the printshop located here:

Then you go through the same upload process as you normally would and you'll be re-directed to a shop.photo4me.com/######/canvas page.

There you'll have a full list of how much and products to choose from and then you can check out normally. - Easy!

Now that you've uploaded 1 image, you can go back to the printshop home page and you'll see a history of uploads down the page. You can revisit them and print them again if you wanted, also we give you the option to share them through Facebook, Twitter or email if its a friend or a family member who wants your work and you've set them up with a deal on the side.

If we missed anything or want a better explanation, use the contact page and we'll get back to you.

Remember these images will be less expensive than if you were to purchase on the commercial site. The reason is due to the photographers commission not being added because they are your images after all.


Alternatively, you can purchase your own image on the site which all customers see.

On the image your interested in, find it by browsing your commercial portfolio.

If you are in the members portfolio, click on the binoculars.

Checkout as normal.

If you do this, you will be accredited with a sale and you'll receive a commission in roughly 28 days. Be aware that due to your commission, the VAT will also increase with the subtotal, so you'd be paying more. Also, if you claim taxes with HMRC, you'd need to account for this as a "gain".

The trade off is that the image could be featured in "Top selling" because it has sold before and you may get a couple more comments on the image.