Use of public domain images

When posting pictures, in particular public domain images, we do ask that they be unique in their own right.


Because anyone can take a free public domain image and upload it to the site and due to the high possibility that duplicates will happen, thus losing the “unique” factor, which Photo4Me promotes, we ask that members upload images that are in the artistic spirit and not easily replicable.


If we were to allow straight rip and upload of public domain images, the site would become over saturated with these images from free domain websites and duplicates would definitely happen + other complications we foresee.


Compilation works using free domain pictures have been fine in the past (as far as we are aware of) because it's original and made in the artists eye. These images are heavily altered and using various pictures from free domain images + the artists own work in some cases; moreover the accreditation of where these images have come from has been well represented.


Free domain images posted as compilations are subjective and will be judged upon upload.