Why are keywords important

Keywords or Key Phrases are very important for images to be successfully found on Photo4me.com.

Although our search engine does look at the description and title of the image, it’s more important to get keywords correct.

• The first Keyword or Key Phrase that you use is the Primary Key Phrase (PKP) is the most important one, it will help generate more hits to your images from other searches. So make it the most specific to the image -- what is the image specifically?

• You should use more than 7 keywords per image. You can use as many as you wish but the first 7 are more important than the rest. The first 7 keywords are the ones that we use for our feeds into global search engines. If you have less than 7 keywords, you will get a red underline to your images in your porfolio if the keywords need attention.

• Relevant words are VERY important, please do not just cut and paste the same text from one image to another, as this will degrade the results shown to potential customers

• Do not add your name to the keywords, as we automatically search your name anyway.  

• If the image has a saturation of a certain colour then add the colour to the search fields, like RED.

• Keywords or phrases must be separated with commas.  

For example:

photo4me, sell photos on photo4me,

This would count as only 2 keywords.

jon, photo4me.com, red, london, I love london,

This only counts as 5 because 'I love London' has been counted as a phrase as it's between commas and then finished with a comma.

Looking at the keywords we have used above the PKP is 'jon', so the question is, is that first keyword that comes to mind and is really the primary keyword for your image? Probably not.

Say you or a customer looks up the keyword, "New York Taxi" and the image didn't come up. It is very possible that is because "New York Taxi" is not part of your keywords. You have:

New York City Collage., New York City, Manhattan, Taxi, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Collage, art, abstract, modern, decorative, colourful, geometric

The keywords are exactly what customers would look up word for word. So you would need to add "New York Taxi" to that list to be found.

You want to come up with common keywords but not broad enough that the customer finds 1000 pictures.

Try to avoid words that will yield a lot of results. For example, we see members all the time write in only 7 keywords (the minimum) but don't put anything specific in them. They'll write,

beautiful, red, art, sea, blue, sky, sand,

Be specific to the location or subject and type in all variations of and what people might look up.

An example would be a Park in France. The actual spelling for Park in french is "Parc" so to cover all your bases, you would write both versions -- "Parc LaFontaine" and "LaFontaine Park"